Unluckaduck B-sides

оч нра последний парт
Title: 2016 - The Lost Clips
Author: UnluckyArtist
Footage: ммм...
Sound: ммда
Date: ага



лео жжет
Author: leolide
Date: Oct 3, 2017



теперешняя масс культура все без разбора красит в розовый, мувику конечно не хватает глума манги, но хоть что-то, что было давно заслужено
Title: Search & Survive
Author: kyle_m
Footage: Blame! movie
Sound: Tricky - Search & Survive
Date: 11.10.2017


She’s so hiiiiigh

вот этот? бен(автор) пишет это ремейк клипа 2001 года другого чувака совсем
Title: Nothing's Gonna Happen
Author: CrackTheSky
Footage: Please Teacher (TV)
Sound: Tal Bachman - She's So High
Date: Jun 27, 2014
Download: A-M-V.org


I’m Gonna Live Forever

Title: I'm Gonna Live Forever
Author: CrackTheSky
Footage: The Eccentric Family (Uchouten Kazoku)
Sound: fun. - Barlights
Date: Sep 7, 2017
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  Текст песни

Never in all of my life
Have I seen eyes as empty as these streets of my city
on a Saturday night,
all the green of your eyes says «Go, leave it all behind.»

But I don’t need to be reminded a change is gonna come.
I can feel it on the tip of your tongue.

And I feel alive.

We met up once we’d settled the sun
Between the heat and the work week
the fear is we could use some sleep
but sleep to the superfluous man means better use for beds
and I’ll bet I’m coming home alone tonight.

I don’t need to be reminded that this is how it was.
I moved on, I passed a billboard down my block
that asks if I’ve had enough, and aloud I say «I’ve had too much,»
when the truth is, I’m just getting started.

Now all the barlights are blinking in time
to Mexican music, it’s taunting the pavement
and I feel alive.

One of us sings, and one of us drinks,
and one of us has nothing at all.
So he calls us all sheep
I’m the Little Bo Peep of the bunch.
(I take their tales and I’m ready to go)
The he swears he’s gotta take this call
Man, I get scared he’s gonna leave us too soon.

We were the get rich quick kids,
We never got it right
So we settled for the center of town
Where all the rich white kids is out looking for a fight
got the blond one staring me down.
And I really wanna take a swing
I can’t help but remember James Dean
See we are part of the few who agree
that hey, he lived life fast
but he died.
He died.
He died.

Me, I’m gonna live forever.

Now all the barlights are blinking in time
to Mexican music, it’s taunting the pavement
and for the first time
in a long time
I feel alive